Monthly Saving Calculator

Monthly-saving-CalculatorMonthly Saving Calculator is here to calculate the future value of periodic savings over a fixed period for achieving your goal. It is general purpose saving calculator, which requires some data like – Your Monthly Deposit Amount, Rate of Interest of your bank, Period (in No. of Months), interest Compounding Frequency. After calculation you will get the Maturity Amount after a specified period and Effective yield in %.

Savings are generally funds that you set aside to meet your future needs. These could be taking your family for a small holiday or buying an electronic item. Another important feature of savings is that these can be accessed relatively quickly. The most universal way of saving is in to a bank account (‘savings’ account) where the money is available to you on demand. It is for short term needs.

(Calculate your saving maturity amount by using this Monthly Saving Calculator.)

Monthly Deposit Amount :
Rate of Interest :
Period (in No. of Months) :
(fractions not allowed)
Frequency of Compounding :
Maturity Amount (Rs.) :
Effective yield : %  

Note: The more frequent the interest is compounded, the higher the return or the future worth of your savings will be; For instance, the future value of savings with interest compounded at Monthly frequency (i.e., 12 times a year) will be higher than the same with interest compounded at quarterly (4 times a year) interval, which in turn is better than semi annual (twice a year) compounding.

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